The organization  of z72 Helping Hands is to give these young women skills that can be used to pay for their own education therefore giving them more options and a better life.

The z72Helping Hands originated in 2016 in the United States and pakistan.
The z72Helping Hands Empowering women and family towards their education and skills development program. The organization provides free classes and equipment to women and their families to support their ability to establish economic stability. Your purchase supports the creative handmade jewelry that is created by the women and families.
Most of the women work in other peoples home as domestic worker and this begins at a very young age. I have witness the plight of women/children, they are ignored, mistreated, and they are often experiencing physical violence with out raising their voice.
This organization is helping to support the voice for these women, children, and families and the first step is through our skills development program.
z72Helping hands would love to have your support in helping us to take care of these under privileged women and families in 
Thank you so much for your support.
Project Manager: Zobia Lewis